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October 1873

October 8th 1873

Went from Portswood Station to Bishopstoke Station by the 8:35am train, then changed into 8:45am up Southampton train for Waterloo to settle for a passage to Otago.

October 9th 1873

Sarah Ann and little Harry went home to Sussex from Protswood Station by the 10:10am up Southampton train.

The whole family went to St. Denys Church, Southampton on Sunday morning October 19th 1873. George and I went to church in Dunedin, New Zealand, January 18th 1874, in the morning, at All Saints.

Day 1 – Portswood, Southampton. Thursday morning, October 23rd 1873.

Up all night packing and roping boxes. Brother Wm helping. Breakfast early. All confusion. Went round to say farewell to several neighbours. Some up, some not. Some in night clothes at the windows. John O’Ryan and Charles Pierce got the luggage down to the station. A very wet, cheerless morning. Started for the Portswood Station at 6:45am. Was met there by many of my old fellow servants, including the late Inspector Lunn of the P.W. Started from the station at 7:10am. John Smith – driver, Thomas Smith – guard. Had some ale with them opposite the Waterloo Station. Mrs. Wm. Miller, in the same train, came to us at Basingstoke and brought two bags of buns for the children. Arrived at Waterloo alright. Dad to see M. Scott, the manager, who granted me a covered two-horse van, which took us all to the South West India dock. Rained all the way. The ship “Dunfillan” [???} one, four years old. Went on board after waiting a few hours in the baggage warehouse. Had roast beef and hot tea. All confusion. Fanny and Emma – parted with them as soon as we got on board, saw them next morning, all well but for . . .

All confusion and wonderment. Saw Robert Redford and James Lind same night. Went to bed about 9 o’clock after a little music and dining and a great deal of laughing at going to bed.

Second Day – Friday October 24th

Rose at 6:30. Appointed Captain of . . .

A fine set out . . . the children. Then had breakfast, also opened one of the chests for a lost box. All busy getting baggage on board. Went with Robert and his father ashore to buy some things. While gone, the ship left the docks. Got on board again at one of the lock gates, several other passengers scrambling on board. A bundle fell into the water, fished it up again, when the bottom gave way and some things fell out and were lost. J Redford came on board again with a bottle for a passenger. Had a job to get ashore again.

Tug boat started with us at 2:20am for Green Hyde, where we lay all night. Good deal of confusion. Sent a letter to Father by a lady going ashore.

Day 3 – Saturday October 25th.

Sailed. Started from Green Hyde at 10am. Arrived at Gravesend at 1:20pm. Passed the Doctor and another gentleman at 4pm, and two gentlemen came on board and gave away two bags of books. One of them prayed. Came on to rain. Had supper and went to bed early. A poor family named Pumphrey lost all their money coming on board. Drew up a paper and collected [pound sign]1.46. The poor man wept, having lost the few shillings he had.

Day 4 – Sunday October 26th

Got up at 6:15am. Had breakfast early. A gentleman came on board and gave away one bag of books. Fine morning.

Started from Gravesend at 9:15am. All well. 10:15am the carpenter threw a new . . . overboard. 10:30am passed the Great Eastern lying at Thurnap. Tug boat left us. Alice and Emma Jane a little sea-sick. 5:15pm passed Ramsgate. At 5:45pm River Pilot left with three cheers and at 6:45pm, fine starlight night, all going well. Had to go on watch in out department from 12 to 3am.

Day 5 – Monday 27th

Fine morning with a fair wind. Had breakfast. None sea-sick. Sun shining brightly. Passed the Isle of Wight at 7am off Portland. A little music and dancing going on. Now for a good hot pork dinner and pea soup. Little Harry rather sick. Several ships in sight. Wrote a letter to Father and sent it ashore by the Channel Pilot, who left us off Plymouth. Gave him three hearty cheers. The Captain and doctor paid a visit to all, also pulled the old ship’s cook out of bed, for being in the same, being ill, they say, from drink.

Singing to music on deck. Had a little bread and jam for supper and a tot of brandy to finish with.

Did a little carpentering for the doctor, such as nailing a few chests to the deck to keep the things steady. We’ve a fine starlight night with a fair wind. All going well. Now for bed.

Day 6 – Tuesday 28th

Fine morning. Wind dropped a little at 3am. Breakfast 9am. Ship rolling a little – not wind enough to keep her steady. Several more in sight. Alice very giddy but not sick.

A little music on deck but much more down below with the infants. The noise of them is almost unbearable – never heard such with them in my life before. Had biscuits for the first time. The mate found a young man stowed away in the fore hold. Set to work his way out, by the Captain’s orders.

A small bird flying about the rigging. Helped to make six short forms. Music and dancing – rather too much noise for the good of some who are bad in bed. A great many very giddy. Fine night and fair wind. Went to bed early.

Day 7 – Wednesday 29th

Fine morning. Fair wind in the Bay of Biscay. All going well. Some very giddy. The crew busy washing down decks. Saw a small bird on the deck picking up crumbs – flew away into the rigging. Several sword fish were seen. N.Z. mutton for dinner. A number of the passengers begin to wish they had not come, but I say it is now too late to repeat, for there is no back door to this house – almost a cabin. Ship rolling very much. Fine night with a good deal of noise and confusion.

Day 8 – Thursday 30th

Nothing but rolls all night. Fine morning but no wind. Several small birds flying about the rigging, that we brought from Lands End. Several people sick. Alice a little better. Begins to rain a little, every prospect of a rough night. Ship not rolling quite so much. Feel very sick and giddy and a great many other passengers also. Not quite so much music and dancing.

Day 9 – Friday October 31st

Passed not a very rough night. Ship sailing along first rate. Out of the Bay of Biscay early this morning. Fair wind. All a little better. Our little birds still with us, flying about the rigging. We are now, at 7:30pm, opposite the Portuguese coats. A great many on deck. Dancing. Plenty of music. A fine night. Our good ship flying along. Had a good bread and cheese supper with a glass of stout.